Cornucopia's Challenge

Cornucopia's Challenge is a 30-minute peer-reviewed documentary that follows the journey of three crops - corn, rice and cotton - from seed to market. It looks at the variety of methods that farmers use to meet the challenges of growing, segregating, and marketing these crops to meet differing market requirements and consumer preferences.

Flash version or view streaming media on Windows Media Player 9 or better. Find it for sale in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Catalog online as item 6587D, or enter Cornucopia in the search box.

Copies of the DVD: UCTV and sales information or by calling toll-free at (800) 994-8849.

Genetic Engineering in California Agriculture

This 30 minute video explains the science behind genetic engineering, outlines its uses in food crops and animals, details where and why this technology is being used by California farmers, and examines some of the science-based concerns pertaining to the use of genetic engineering in agricultural production systems. Peer-reviewed.

This video recently won an "Award of Distinction" in the External Communications/Instructional category of the Communicator Awards.

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Copies of the DVD: UCTV and sales information or by calling toll-free at (800) 994-8849.


Streaming Video
Bt Potato

Movie loop showing effects of potato beetles on Bt and non-Bt potatoes (Monsanto)


Food Fight

Food Fight: A musical documentary about GM Plants. Developed by Dr. Mark Bender, California State University, Stanislaus.

Contact information:
Dr. Mark Bender
Agricultural Studies Department Chair
California State University, Stanislaus
Phone: 209-667-3961
E-mail: mbender@csustan.edu


DNA Isolation

Steven Ruzin, Biological Imaging Facility, UCB: Isolating DNA from Veggies (9mb)


GENEie Juice Bar

This video demonstrates how to use the GENEie Juice Bar (available for loan; click here for more information). The Juice Bar mimics contemporary juice bars, stands alone or can accompany the Foods display. It teaches that DNA and genes are a natural part of our every day lives. Bar includes materials needed for DNA isolation: blender, reagents, colorful beakers and tubes, and an educational handout.

Instructional Video - click to watch!