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JUL 23, 2015 - House Passes Bill to Prevent Mandatory GMO Labeling - New York Times
Food companies would not have to disclose whether their products include genetically modified ingredients under legislation passed by the House Thursday. READ MORE

JUL 24, 2015 - Hawaii GMO battles will shape West’s rules - Capital Press
GMO battles in Hawaii will shape the authority of state and local governments to regulate biotech crops in the seven states under the 9th Circuit's jurisdiction. READ MORE

MAR 16, 2015 - Court denies attempt to stop Vermont’s GMO law - World Grain
A U.S. district court in Vermont on April 27 denied a preliminary injunction to stop Vermont’s GMO labeling law from going into effect. The court, however, denied the state of Vermont’s motions to dismiss certain issues brought up by industry groups seeking the injunction. READ MORE

MAR 16, 2015 - GMO Labeling: National Regulations Bill Moves To Senate - The Inquisitr
GMO labeling on a national scale might soon become a reality. The state of Idaho is preparing to push the federal government to adopt a nationwide genetically modified food labeling law, but only a voluntary one. READ MORE

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The GMO labeling movement is a major issue in the news today.  Understanding both sides of the issue is necessary for the public and government to make informed decisions. Please find below informational resources that focus on this important issue.

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