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NOV 4, 2014 - Measure 92, GMO-labeling initiative, fails narrowly: Oregon election results 2014 - The Oregonian
Oregon's mandatory GMO-labeling initiative was voted down by a narrow margin Tuesday, capping the state's costliest ballot measure on record. READ MORE

NOV 4, 2014 - Coloradans reject GMO labeling, or Proposition 105 - Denver ABC News
Coloradans rejected Proposition 105, a measure that would have required labeling of genetically modified foods. READ MORE

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Link to election results, November 2012 | To compare with California County GM Ordinances and Resolutions Map, click here

The GMO labeling movement is a major issue in the news today.  Understanding both sides of the issue is necessary for the public and government to make informed decisions. Please find below informational resources that focus on this important issue.

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