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APR 11, 2016 - Oregon biotech fish labeling bill dies - Capital Press
An Oregon bill requiring labels for genetically engineered fish has died in a Senate committee after earlier passing the House. READ MORE

MAR 16, 2016 - Ban on GMO crops sought again for Sonoma County - Press Democrat
One of the most contentious political issues in Sonoma County history is likely to come before voters again in November: whether the county should impose a ban on genetically modified crops and seeds over consumer health concerns. READ MORE

MAR 16, 2016 - Senate Votes Down Bill That Would Have Overturned States’ GMO Labeling Laws - Consumerist
Regardless of whether you’re against, for, or ambivalent about genetically modified foods, surveys show that an overwhelming majority of Americans at least want to know whether the items they buy contain genetically engineered ingredients, and some states have enacted laws intended to require labeling of GMO and GE products. Today, the U.S. Senate voted to strike down a new piece of legislation that would have overturned these local laws in favor of a voluntary labeling program. READ MORE

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Link to election results, November 2012 | To compare with California County GM Ordinances and Resolutions Map, click here

The GMO labeling movement is a major issue in the news today.  Understanding both sides of the issue is necessary for the public and government to make informed decisions. Please find below informational resources that focus on this important issue.

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