(courtesy of Andrew Apel)

Original (Swiss German) text

The temporary provisions of the Federal Constitution of April 18, 1999 are [hereby] amended as follows:

Art. 197, Sec. 2 (new)

2. Temporary measures of Article 120 (Genetic Engineering in the non-human Field)

For a period of five years from the enactment of this constitutional provision, Swiss agriculture shall remain free of genetic engineering. In particular, the following may not be [bought, sold, bartered, exchanged, offered or exposed for sale*]:

1. genetically modified plants, plant parts or seeds for planting, which are intended for unconfined use in agriculture, horticulture or forestry;

2. genetically modified animals, which are intended for use in the production of food and other agricultural products.

Revision: December 12, 2005


* the Swiss original uses a phrase to express a global proscription against "traffic in commerce" similar in effect to the American formulation substituted here.