Regulatory issues related to genetically engineered crops have been addressed to varying levels in countries around the world. GAIN (Global Agricultural Information Network) reports, developed by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service released reports by country covering:
  • Biotechnology Trade and Production
  • Policy
  • Marketing issues
  • Capacity Building
  • Outreach

Reports listed below published in 2005-2009 (date indicates when the report was posted):

North America
Annual Report. GAIN Report CA8058 (8/12/08)
Latin America
Defra approves GM wheat trial. Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (9/16/11).

eport detailing current limitations in assessing socio-economic implications of cultivation of GM crops in the EU (posted 4/26/11).

European Food Safety Authority report authorizing Pioneer 1507 maize (2005)

EU-27 Annual Agricultural Biotechnology Report, GAIN Report E47044 (6/11/07).

Annual Report. GAIN Report AU6018 (8/7/06)

Survey Shows Only 11% of Consumers Willing to Buy Biotech Foods. GAIN Report AU5019 (10/10/05)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Annual Report. GAIN Report BK5006 (8/8/06)

Annual Report. GAIN Report HR5009 (8/16/05)

Biotechnology: New Law on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) 2005. GAIN Report HR5008 (8/5/05)

Czech Reublic
Annual Report. GAIN Report EZ5010 (8/22/05)

Annual Report. GAIN Report PL5014 (8/31/05)

Annual Report. GAIN Report PO5017 (9/20/05)

Amendments in Romanian biotech legislation. GAIN Report 9004 (9/17/09)

Russian Federation
Annual Report. GAIN Report RS8056 (8/29/08)

Biotechnology: Federal Law sets Biotech Labeling Threshold at 0.9 Percent 2007. GAIN Report RS7077 (12/21/07)

Serbia and Montenegro
Annual. GAIN Report SR5006 (8/16/05)

Annual Report. GAIN Report LO5006 (8/16/05)

Spain: Biotechnology Update 2007. GAIN Report SP7030 (12/21/07)

Biotechnology Coexistence Update. GAIN Report SP5023 (7/27/05)

Biotechnology GM Crops Good for Swedish Farm Economy. GAIN Report SW7006 (5/29/07)

Middle East
Asia Pacific
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