We have a flyer which highlights our educational resources that are available to borrow. You may view it as a JPEG or PDF.

A new 4-H/afterschool biotechnology curriculum for grades 5-8 which has five lessons covering topics from plant diversity to genetic engineering. Link to website.

A teacher handout, "Fun & Games with Foods & Genetics", also available in Spanish, provides activities that can be used in conjunction with the "baseball" cards.

Based on educational display on genetics and foods, these “baseball” cards and the displays are available for teachers. Each cards is based on a display module and can be used in the classroom and beyond. Available in both English and Spanish.

Click on images to see detailed versions | Instructions (PDF file)
This interactive activity, mimicking contemporary juice bars, stands alone or can accompany the Foods display. It teaches that DNA and genes are a natural part of our every day lives. Bar includes materials needed for DNA isolation: blender, reagents, colorful beakers and tubes, and an educational handout.

Juice bar is available on loan. Please click here to arrange a reservation. The "How Much DNA Do You Eat" module is also available separately.

An extraction method for strawberry DNA is also available (Download PDF).

Instructional Video - click to watch!

Additional DNA extraction information:

Steven Ruzin, Biological Imaging Facility, UCB: Isolating DNA from Veggies (9MB)
(downloadable movie file: Mac (hqx: 13.3MB); PC (zip: 9.6MB). Strawberry DNA extraction (PDF).

Partial funding provided by the American Society of Plant Biologists. Design by B. Alonso, with thanks to: Dr Amanda J. Able (Molecular Plant Breeding Cooperative Research Centre), Ms Belinda Barr (Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics), and Dr Heather Bray (Molecular Plant Breeding Cooperative Research Centre).

Click on images to see detailed versions (photos have old name of game, "Tic Tac Grow" | Photos from May 2005 El Dorado Ag Day for third-graders | Seed List (PDF file)
Seeds to Grow is an educational game for all ages. It comes with the Seeds to Grow board with plants and corn cobs used as X's and O's. Players roll large colorful dice to determine question. Numbers are placed on colorful mats with plants or foods. Players are asked to match the seed with the plant or food on the numbered mat. Question difficulty can vary with ages of players.

Prizes for students are colorful necklaces with pink, yellow, green or black lentil seeds.

Game is available on loan. Please click here to arrange a reservation.

Game created by D. Choffnes, X. Jones, P.G. Lemaux, M. Perl, J. Stonaker, V. Wong and B. Alonso.

Dirt to Dinner is an educational game for all ages. The game includes a colorful board displaying five different foods, miniature clay pots placed in front of each food and boxes that contain the seeds that give rise to the food. Players match the seeds with the food. It is a quick game that reinforces the idea that plants are responsible for our foods. The game can be used in a classroom or in afterschool settings and is available on loan. Please click here to arrange a reservation.

The game was modeled after the “Tic Tac Grow” game, which comes with more seed options that make the game more difficult and a tic-tac-toe board. Click here for more information.