Informational Websites


A complete list of available ag biotech websites is at:


General Agricultural Biotechnology:

130 issues-answers linked to scientific literature; talks and powerpoint; educational materials for loan


General information with Q&A:


Fact Sheets on various topics


Risk assessment in food and environmental safety with references:


Latest information in ag biotech and link to field test information in regulatory information section:

An informative brochure: Agricultural Biotechnology Informing the Dialogue


List of currently active Environmental Use Permits for Plant-Incorporated Protectants, pesticidal substances produced by plants and the genetic material necessary for the plant to produce the substance.


Fact sheet on U.S. GM crops


Animal Biotechnology:

Great websites for Animal Biotechnology:


Miscellaneous Sites:

Global Knowledge Center on Crop Biotechnology:


Regarding gene flow:


Norm Ellstrand's papers in Plant Phys:


Regarding issues and risks:

Colorado State:


Pew Trust web site:

FACT Sheets from UC Biotechnology Workgroup will be in Resources section of