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"Genetically Engineered Plants and Foods:
A Scientist’s Analysis of the Issues (Part I)"

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Lemaux PG. 2008. “Genetically Engineered Plants and Foods: A Scientist’s Analysis of the Issues (Part I). Annual Review of Plant Biology 59: 771-812.


1. INTRODUCTION (p. 773)

2. GENERAL ISSUES (p. 773)

2.1. Terminology (p. 773)

2.2. Besides Genetically Engineered Crops, Does Genetic Engineering Play a Role in Producing Food? (p. 774)

2.3. How Does the Creation of a Genetically Engineered Crop Differ from That of a Classically Bred Crop? (p. 774)

2.4. Can Marker-Assisted Selection Be Used Instead of Genetic Engineering to Improve Crops? (p. 774)

2.5. Does the Use of rDNA Always Involve Moving Genes from One Organism to Another? (p. 775)

2.6. Which U.S. Agencies Have Regulatory Authority Over Genetically Engineered and Classically Bred Crops? (p. 776)

2.7. Which Genetically Engineered Crops Are Grown Commercially? (p. 777)

2.8. How Many Foods Are Genetically Engineered? (p. 777)

2.9. What Is in the Crop Biotechnology Pipeline? (p. 778)

3. FOOD ISSUES (p. 779)

3.1. Did People Die After Consuming Tryptophan Made By Genetically Engineered Bacteria? (p. 779)

3.2. Were Potatoes Genetically Engineered with a Lectin Protein Unsafe to Eat? (p. 780)

3.3. Were Fish Genes Introduced into Strawberries? (p. 780)

3.4. Are Food Safety Studies Conducted on GE Foods? (p. 780)

3.5. What Happens to the DNA in Foods When They Are Eaten? (p. 782)

3.6. Do Genetically Engineered Foods Have Changes in Nutritional Content? (p. 783)

3.7. Is the Bt Protein Safe for Human Consumption? (p. 784)

3.8. Have Allergens Been Introduced into Foods Through Genetic Engineering? (p. 786)

3.9. Were Foods Made From Bt Corn Removed from the Market Because of Allergenicity Concerns? (p. 786)

3.10. Do Only Genetically Engineered Foods Cause Food Allergies? (p. 787)

3.11. Can Genetically Engineered Foods Have Fewer Allergens than Non-GE Foods? (p. 788)

3.12. Do Viral Sequences Used in Plant Genetic Engineering Create a Human Health Risk? (p. 788)

3.13. Can Genetically Engineered Foods Increase Antibiotic Resistance in Human and Animal Intestinal Flora? (p. 789)

3.14. Can Genetically Engineered Food Crops Be Used to Make Pharmaceuticals? Could They Contaminate the Food Supply? (p. 789)

3.15. Why Doesn’t the FDA Require Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods? (p. 790)

3.16. Are Organic Foods Healthier or Safer? (p. 791)

3.17. Should Genetically Engineered Crops and Foods Be Banned Until They Are Proven to Be 100% Safe? (p. 793)

3.18. Are Milk and Meat from Cloned Cows Safe to Eat? (p. 794)

3.19. Is Milk from rbGHInjected Cows Safe? Why Isn’t It Labeled? (p. 794)

3.20. Can the USDA Stop the Planting of Genetically Engineered Crops that Pose Health or Environmental Risks? (p. 795)

3.21. Is Golden Rice the Only Way to Provide Vitamin A to People in Developing Countries? (p. 796)