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Based on the "Culprit's Spell" activity in Backyard Mystery's Expanded Lesson 1 (Section 1 of the Combined Lesson) we have created an interactive board called "Guess the Culprit!".

Participants can guess what the organism are based on the hints provided on the flaps. They can see if they are right by flipping the panel up, revealing the answer below.

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“Who’s in your Family?” is an educational game inspired by our “DNA for Dinner?” afterschool curriculum. Participants will be given mystery produce and puzzle pieces in paper bags, which they must describe to other participants to help them guess what is in their bag. After all produce has been identified, each person must try to find another fruit/vegetable “relative” that is in someone else’s bag in the group that belongs to the same family as their produce. Puzzle-piece cards in their bags will help them in their search.

Download PDF | Word file for creating custom puzzle pieces using your own choice of fruits and vegetables

Dirt to Dinner is an educational game for all ages. The game includes a colorful board displaying five different foods, miniature clay pots placed in front of each food and boxes that contain the seeds that give rise to the food. Players match the seeds with the food. It is a quick game that reinforces the idea that plants are responsible for our foods. The game can be used in a classroom or in afterschool settings and is available on loan. Please click here to arrange a reservation.

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This interactive activity, mimicking contemporary juice bars, stands alone or can accompany the Foods display. It teaches that DNA and genes are a natural part of our every day lives. Bar includes materials needed for DNA isolation: blender, reagents, colorful beakers and tubes, and an educational handout.

Juice bar is available on loan. Please click here to arrange a reservation. The "How Much DNA Do You Eat" module is also available separately.

Instructions for DNA extraction (PDF)

Partial funding provided by the American Society of Plant Biologists. Design by B. Alonso, with thanks to: Dr Amanda J. Able (Molecular Plant Breeding Cooperative Research Centre), Ms Belinda Barr (Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics), and Dr Heather Bray (Molecular Plant Breeding Cooperative Research Centre).