Solving a mystery with science

Backyard scene

Backyard Mystery is an NSF-funded curriculum, focused on diseases, pathogens and careers, using interactive paper and physical activities. Content is for middle school participantsSample of activities in afterschool settings, like 4-H and other similar venues. The curriculum engages student interest in genetics and genomics and in the bioSTEM workforce. The curriculum adheres to National Science Education Standards in Life Sciences.

The curriculum is available in two forms: a combined lesson that brings all of the elements together in one session and another in which the content is broken out into three separate lessons.

DNA for DinnerWe also have another curriculum, DNA for Dinner, which is also available for download. Please visit our page dedicated to this project!

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  • The curriculum is flexible depending on your group size and available time. The expanded lessons are appropriate if you have three sessions that will allow you to cover the entire curriculum. Only one session? Check out the Combined Lesson!

  • For example, want to explain how PCR or ELISA work? Fun activities are available for participants to experience either via paper or hands-on versions.
    Sample Activities

  • Downloading the curriculum is easy and complimentary! Click below to complete a form to get PDFs of the curriculum.